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Become a Member of the CC-ARC and Participate!

Youth Net
An on-air network for area youth to participate in Amateur Radio in a friendly, supportive environment

UHF Repeaters
Monitored repeaters for newly licensed Radio Operators to learn and practice radio etiquette

HAM Radio Classes
Offered through Brookline Adult and Community Education and hosted by the Clay Center, a fun parent-child shared activity

Educational Club Meetings
Topics which focus on improving knowledge and skills in Amateur Radio and related sciences

Club Newsletters
News and information about events, activities, and tips about Amateur Radio

Social Interaction
A supportive environment to meet others who share similar interests in science and Amateur Radio

Scouting Support
A place to work on the skills and experience needed for merit badges in Amateur Radio and electronics

Community Service
Participation in educational science events, walk-a-thons, and community programs using and supporting Amateur Radio

Emergency Preparedness
Learning how to be ready for weather-related emergencies and how to help during severe storms


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